Tara Victoria - Branded Design & Illustration


Meet Tara Victoria


Driven by curiosity & optimism

Whether it’s branding a local coffee company, or illustrating for an apparel brand, there’s one common thread that drives the work that I do: the WHY. I have spent the better part of my life as a Creative digging deeper with businesses to get to the heart of why they do what they do. From those roots, come the visual puzzle pieces of communication that build a brand.


I’ve been an Artist since I could colour outside the lines, an Illustrator and Designer from the moment I fell in love with the craft, and obsessed with asking “the hard questions” since Simon Sinek’s teachings got under my skin.

From earning a Bachelor of Communications from Alberta University of the Arts, to working in studio, then freelancing, I’ve learned that building brands is less about what comes out of it, and more what goes into it. It’s about the process and the bricks you lay as a foundation. Whether it’s a brand illustration system, logo system, mural, or print media, it all has to have the same brand specific heartbeat.